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Possessed Chaos Space Marines

09/18/2016 1 comment

Here’s a tale I’m sure many veteran wargamers are all too familiar with.  Back in 2013, I bought a box of Possessed Chaos Space Marines with some left over birthday money.  They then went to the back of the queue as I had so many projects on.

In early 2014, shortly after my wife and I bought our house, I remembered I still had these chaps on ice so I released them from their sprue prison and started to paint them.  I then got bored, moved on to another project then picked them up again four months later.  This is the state in which they remained, languishing in my Drawer of Shame, until two days ago.

You see, I have a 3,000 point game against Trenchmate Tim tomorrow (it’s a Scottish holiday) and I thought I’d bring out some new units.  Fortunately, my wife’s been working all weekend (she has a looming deadline) so I’ve escaped chore-free and I’ve been able to dedicate this free time into finally finishing these gents.


This is alas, not the longest-neglected project residing in my Drawer of Shame, I plan to resurrect a couple more over the coming weeks.

Possessed Chaos Space Marines – WIP 2

06/04/2014 1 comment

Today was the first chance I had to really progress these minis since the weekend. After a further couple of hours, here’s what they look like.


My initial plan was to batch paint them as I do with my more normal marines but after adding the rest of the blue effects to the armour I realised that they’re just too damn different!

As such I decided to start with Batboy, at this stage he does look far too cartoony but I’ve only just started on the red effects.

I really like these models, I’m definitely going to get some more, both of the Citadel plastic and the new fancy Forge World Gal Vorbak models that they teased us with last month. Aren’t they lovely?


Possessed Chaos Space Marines – WIP

06/01/2014 2 comments

For one, I’ve actually stuck to one of my plans! Yesterday I wrote here that I might start on my possessed marines today and low and behold, I’ve actually done it!


On a side note, I bought these almost exactly a year ago with some birthday money, hopefully I’ll start to get faster again…

On another side note, this is also my first submission as part of the Game & Gears Paint Day 2014. For more information, clicky.

The Second Coming of Chaos

07/29/2013 Leave a comment

It took a bit longer than anticipated, but I’ve finally got my next wave of reinforcements built and undercoated.

IMG_5444Here we have ten Chaos Marines, all with at least one mutation, five Possessed Marines and a Chaos Marine Sorcerer.  No idea how long these will take me but I’ve promised myself I’ll not start painting my Forgefiend until they’re done so I’d better get a move on!