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Dark Angels Razorback

01/17/2016 1 comment

The first finished model of 2016!  This will ferry my Company Master and Command Squad into battle (once I finish painting the Command Squad, that is).

Dark Angels Razorback 01

I used the Forge World Dark Angel Doors and Front Plate and would thoroughly recommend them, to all First Legion commanders.  My only issue was that the doors required a lot of careful filling before they would fit.  The end result was entirely worth it, I’m really pleased with this model.

Dark Angels Razorback 02


Dark Angels Razorback 03


Dark Angels Razorback 04


Dark Angels Razorback 05


Dark Angels Razorback 06


As you can see, I even painted the interior.  I have always shied away from painting the insides of Rhinos and their cousins but I after painting the interior of my Chaos Land Raider I discovered it wasn’t that difficult and doesn’t really take that long.

Now, on to the Command Squad…