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Dark Angels Rhino

07/21/2014 3 comments

Finished on time for Miniature Monday, who’d have thunk it!





Dark Angels Rhino – WIP

07/17/2014 Leave a comment

I recently I picked on eBay a BNIB Rhino for a tenner and even though I’ve got a million things on the go, I thought I’d knock it out quickly as I’ve not painted a loyalist Rhino since 1993!

I managed to build it in a little under half an hour and here it is forty minutes thereafter.


Now the part I like, detailing it before fixing the colour with a black ink glaze.

Khorne Berserker Rhino

06/08/2014 1 comment

After far too long (I think nearly a year), I’ve finally finished my Khorne Berserker Rhino. It’s also the first finished model I’m able to submit as part of the Games & Gears Paint Day 2014.







The Best Laid Plans…

12/08/2013 Leave a comment

As the day of The Move trundles ever closer with all the inevitability of a Baneblade, I’m getting less and less time to devote to anything remotely hobby-related.

This afternoon, after a mammoth trip to the local recycling centre, I decided to reward myself by building and painting a miniature I’ve been looking forward to for ages, my Finecast Fabius Bile. However, due to a staggering example of my ineptitude, this was all I managed to get done.


Y’see, while I ensured I had a nice sharp blade and sufficient Green Stuff just in case, I completely failed to check to see if I had any super glue left! By the time I realised my error, all the hobby shops and DIY centres were closed so I decided to see if I could make any headway with my Berserker Rhino.


If you compare it to my last post you most likely won’t see much difference, however I spent a good ninety minutes tidying it up and adding a bit more detail to the skulls, gunner and Dirge Caster. I’m also going to experiment with the Blood for The Blood God technical paint that I recently purchased once it’s nearer completion.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’d better get on and pack a couple more boxes before I turn in.

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP 3

09/21/2013 2 comments


After coming down with a manflu-sized case of Nurgle’s Rot over the past week I finally managed to get some work done this afternoon. Still a lot to do, especially a significant amour of cleanup but I like the way it’s coming together

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP 2

09/17/2013 Leave a comment


This evening I was supposed to be at my weekly Role Playing game (we’re in the middle of a really cool Mage game at the moment) but this damned cold means I can barely speak so I’d be even less use than usual.

Since my wife works Tuesday evenings I thought I’d crack on with my Berserker Rhino. As you can see there’s a lot still to do but I think you can now see where I’m going with it.

Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP

09/16/2013 Leave a comment


Today was mostly spent house hunting but I was able to, eventually, make a start on the base coat for the Rhino.

So far I’ve applied three thin coats of Khorne Red (what else?) followed by a glaze of Carroburgh Crimson. The next step is to paint on the metallic effects and make a start on the bone areas.

Needs more spikes…

09/15/2013 1 comment



Too much? I always enjoy indulging my Blood God tendencies and building this Rhino I accidentally bought on eBay has helped me embrace my Berserker side.

I have tomorrow off as it’s a public holiday up here beyond the wall so with a bit of luck I’ll make some good progress.

Damn you, eBay!

09/13/2013 2 comments

Like many of us Warmongers, I have a… complex relationship with eBay.  When it comes to the site I would at best describe myself as being akin to a magpie with ADHD, at worse like a toddler that’s mainlined a kilo of sherbet and has unrestricted access to his parents’ iPad.

I managed to stay clean for a good few months after the Servitor Debacle however I agreed to sell some old minis for a dear friend of mine (which you can see here, I’m such a whore) which necessitated a return to the scene of the crime in order to research prices.  I think you can see where this is going.

It always starts out so innocent, I’ve been planning to increase the number of Rhinos my Chaos Marines have for a while and since the new Space Marine kits were coming out I thought I’d also check to see how much the old stuff is going for.  The end result was these arriving at my flat this week.


I know, I’m weak!  But at least I saved more than 33% from the RRP of these kits, I’ll keep telling myself this…

Now, those among you who’ve been following this blog for a while (I think there’s at least three of you) will know that I don’t collect a loyalist marine army.  Well, that’s about to change as I’ve decided to gradually build a 1,500 point force of Dark Angels to ally with my 57th Menasan Armoured Infantry Imperial Guard regiment.  Since I have the Dark Vengeance box and the new Codex I’m already off to a good start however given the huge to-do pile on, underneath and above my desk I don’t think we’ll see much progress for a while.

Speaking of, my wife’s at work and I have the flat to myself for the evening.  Time to try and finish my Sorcerer!



Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Finished!

03/18/2013 3 comments

It’s done! I wasn’t able to get much done over the weekend but I had the day off work today so I got cracking and finished the job.





I really enjoyed painting this model and I can’t wait to do more. Next however I’m setting my sights on a smaller but far more important model, my army general. Here’s a quick preview.