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Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Day 4

03/15/2013 Leave a comment

Today the model really started to come together as I was able to paint the gunner to a point where I could attach it to the hull.


I was also able to get a bit more of the detailing done but there’s still a lot to do but I think there’s a good chance I’ll get it done this weekend.

Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Day 3

03/14/2013 Leave a comment

Bored yet? I’m not.

Not a lot done today as I had to work late again (those of you who know me will probably know why but here’s not the forum to comment on such things!) but I was able to get the tracks done and some of the spot colours are now in place.


Tomorrow’s potentially a Date Night with my Far Better Half so probably no update.

Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Day 2

03/13/2013 Leave a comment

And so it continues. I had to work later than normal tonight thanks to a multitue of reasons so I was only able to get some metallic work done.


As you can see there needs to be a metric fuck-ton (official term, that) which still needs to be done but I think I’m still on track.

Chaos Space Marine Rhino: Day 1

03/12/2013 Leave a comment

In an effort to keep my efforts on track I’ve take the potentially annoying step of updating this blog daily with updates of how my Heralds’ Rhino is progressing.

I wasn’t able to do as much as I’d have liked this evening but I was able to layer the blues to create the Heralds’ signature colour scheme.


As I’ve mentioned before, this is the first Rhino I’ve built and painted since 1993/4 so in many ways it’s helping me to come near enough full circle and reconnect with the early days of my hobby adventure.

I’ll post some more progress tomorrow.

What’s on my desk this week

03/11/2013 Leave a comment

Since I’ve actually managed to clear my immediate to-do pile of Chaos Marines I thought I’d share with you, dear reader, what I’m moving on to.


I’m sticking with the Chaos theme as Tim (and others) has been gently bugging me for ages to pull my finger out and get a viable fighting force. That said, I may have to be ultra beardy and field them with some Dark Eldar allies to make up the numbers.

Plus I get to paint my first Rhino in almost twenty years. God, I feel old.