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Dark Angels Tactical Squad in Mk IV Armour

09/17/2021 Leave a comment

I’ve not been able to proper paint in a while, so I thought the best way to get back into the habit was to go back to my roots so-to-speak and paint something old school, and you don’t get much older than the First Legion in Heresy-era armour!

I used the current Mk IV plastic kit mixed with parts from the non-Primaris Dark Angels upgrade sprue, fairly basic paint jobs, but given how long I’ve been out of practice, I’m quite happy.

I actually managed to use five of these in my first game of 9th Edition a few weekends ago and while my army was certainly pretty, things didn’t go that well for the Unforgiven…

Dark Angels Tactical Squad

05/15/2014 2 comments

As per usual, this took me far too long to complete but here’s my full Tactical Squad from the Dark Vengeance box.


I really enjoyed painting these and the temptation to paint the other tac squad I have is great. However, I’d like to clear a few more half-finished projects before I go back to The Unforgiven.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad – WIP

04/12/2014 2 comments

Following on from my experiment to see if I could paint a single Dark Angel in an hour or so (clicky), I’ve decided to see if I can finish off his squad mates.

Here’s how far I’ve got.


With the exception of the sergeant, I’ve been doing this by assembly line. All that’s really left is for the weapons, company markings and individual detail to finish. Hopefully I’ll get at least the bolter marines done tomorrow.

Big Damn Heroes

09/29/2013 1 comment


Well, that’s all of my Dark Angels built and along with the stuff from my limited edition Dark Vengeance box I think I’ve got quite a decent little force.

As some of you may know, my Far Better Half and I are in the process of buying a house so I think that these chaps will be the first new project I paint once we move in.

The Unforgiven Emerge

09/27/2013 Leave a comment


Yes, yes, I know I have far too much on my hobby to-do list but this evening I couldn’t resist building some Dark Angels.

Aside from the Dark Vengeance box contents, I’ve not assembled any loyalist Astartes in nearly twenty years so it’s been quite a nostalgic evening.

The observant among you will have no doubt noticed that this model is not the shiny new marine tactical squad box, I picked up an unopened old one on eBay for next to nothing a couple of weeks ago along with the unassembled Chaos Rhino I’m currently painting up for use by my Khorne Berserkers.

Not quite sure when I’ll get round to painting these chaps but I know I’ll enjoy it immensely.