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Terminator Lord – WIP

06/17/2013 Leave a comment

Sometimes, all too rarely, my self-control wins out.  This means that rather than embarking upon a new project as I alluded to yesterday I have instead been all sensible and elected to attempt to finish my long-gestating Terminator Lord as I realised that I only have a single HQ unit ready for combat and I don’t think that Khârn is that appropriate a choice to lead my army of misunderstood Astartes.

Anyway, here’s the story so far:

Terminator Lord WIP

Initially I’d hoped to have this chap finished today but since he’s likely going to become my first choice army commander for the foreseeable I’m going to lavish some extra TLC on him. With a bit of luck I’ll have him finished before the end of this week (how often have I said that?) since I’d really like to get started on either my Helldrake or Forgefiend.