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In Remembrance – The Shell Case

01/02/2016 Leave a comment

Shell Case Logo

This is the hardest post I’ve yet had to write, The Shell Case is no more.

On Thursday, Phil brought down the curtain on his seminal hobby site.  I still can’t quite believe it.

My poxy little site, and so many others, owe their existence to the example that The Shell Case provided.  We could never compete, nor did I try, for Phil had bottled raw hobby magic and it was always a pleasure to read his work.

I hope that when the time is right, Phil can return to the hobby he so obviously loves.

The #Warmonger community feels a bit less bright this new year.

In Remembrance – The Shell Case Forum

08/05/2012 Leave a comment

Today, The Shell Case’s Phil announced the closure of The Shell Case Forum.  I completely understand and sympathise with Phil’s reasons for this and I’d like to pay tribute to both him and the forum for all it’s done for the wargaming community, the member were to a person, friendly, helpful and committed wargamers.  No matter your particular interest, there you could fine like-minded souls to share your passions and encourage you to improve your skills be they gaming, painting, modelling or writing.  This forum will be missed.


But all is not lost, as many of you know the Shell Case is so much more than just a forum, there is its fantastic and professional website and the ever-growing Shell Case Alliance of which this humble blog is a member.  If you have your own blog and have not joined then please consider doing so, you won’t regret it.