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This Warmonger’s Christmas (including my Warmonger Secret Santa!)

12/30/2013 2 comments

Given that my wife and I have just bought a house (we moved in on Christmas Eve!), our mutual gift giving was a somewhat modest affair.  That said, my beloved did surprise me and as well as getting me the BluRay box set of Dollhouse (mmm, Eliza Dushku… focus, John!),  she also surprised me with a box of Dark Eldar Wyches.  I’ve been really needing to add more of these crazy elfs to my army so as soon as my Hobby Room is complete I’ll get these churned out.

However first I’ll finish part of my lovely Warmonger Secret Santa gift.  I received a set of snap-fit Warriors of Chaos, a clutch of Doctor Who cards and a copy of Legends of The Space Marines.  The Doctor Who cards were last seen being spirited away by my wife no doubt for some nefarious reason and as I already have a copy of the book I gave it to Tim (he of the Reavers Redemptor posts) as he was one of those who kindly helped us move last week.

As for the three Warriors of Chaos, you have no idea how hard it was not to buy the Army book and start a force as the whole range is lovely.  However in a rare moment of strength I resisted and am halfway through painting them as Warriors of Khorne.  I really wanted to get them done before the move but time ran out, hopefully they’ll be done over the next week or so.



Converted Dark Eldar Wyches

11/18/2012 Leave a comment

Not much hobby done this weekend since I have my PRINCE2 exam next week (gulp).  However, I was able to convert two old metal Dark Eldar Wyches with special weapons in order to make them legal under the current rules.

I also did not preorder Crusade of Fire.  No, sir.

Recent Dark Eldar Additions

12/05/2011 Leave a comment

Since I haven’t shown any of my Dark Eldar yet on the blog, I thought I post some pictures of my recently completed models.

I picked up the old metal female Archon shortly before the new codex came out.  While I was certain that there would be a far superior model imminent I found this one so characterfull that it had to have a place in my army.

While I’m still working on some old metal Wyches I got for my 30th birthday over 18 months ago, I’ve recently finished my first plastic squad.  Currently I’m trying to paint the older models to fit in with the new ones.

Next week I hope to show off my first superheavy tank and, maybe, some more Dark Eldar models.