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Dark Angels Incoming – What I’ve learned from the trailer

I’m really excited about the forthcoming Dark Angels codex.  Ever since I promoted my Unforgiven from allied faction to full army status I’ve been looking forward to seeing what, if any, of the developments that accompanied the more recent vanilla ‘dexes would transfer across, not to mention the prospect of army-specific Tactical Objective Cards, detachments and the like.

That said, I’m trying to get myself out of the habit of relying too much on the plethora of rumours circulating online, despite what reposting such things can do for this little site’s viewing numbers 😉  Therefore at this point I’m only going in to what can be ascertained from the trailer that dropped this morning, you can view it below.

Still with me?  Here we go.

The Good

While there are pictures on the GW website of the new Grav-equipped Devastator Squad and Terminator Librarian in Dark Angel colours, it’s still nice to see them with the rest of their comrades.

Dark Angels Trailer - New Librarian

Also, I'm pretty sure that the third from the left has a Grav Canon and Amp.

Also, I’m pretty sure that the third from the left has a Grav Canon and Amp.

Also, it’s heartening to know that they’ve not entirely done away with the far superior old Dark Angels upgrade sprue as it appears you’ll still be able to pick up the Veteran Squad.

Dark Angels Trailer - Old Base Size

I managed to pick up two of the upgrade sprues last month however my plan is to put the models onto the new 30mm bases.

The Bad

Seriously, why have these models not been updated?

Dark Angels Trailer - Old Sammael

Dark Angels Trailer - Old Azrael

I like a classic Citadel Miniature as much as the new chap, but surely it’s time to retire these venerable casts in favour of more dynamic and less Finecasty versions?

For the God-Emperor’s sake, Azrael and company are nineteen years old!

Dark Angels - Angels of Death Codex

Codex: Angels of Death from 1996. So glad I didn’t throw this out during my wilderness years.

I suppose I should have expected such things when they didn’t bother to update Dante when the new Blood Angels book came out a few months ago.



That’s pretty much all I could get out of a single still image, have I missed anything?

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