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A Better Tomorrow?

Us gamers can be an opinionated lot some of the time and, on occasion, have many choice things to say about the dreaded C word.


More often than not this involves a degree of criticism focussed towards a certain Nottingham-based monopoly (or more specifically, Matt Ward) and often it’s well thought out and fair.

It therefore comes as no surprise that GW’s move away from White Metal to its ‘superior’ replacement, Finecast, has provoked a strong response from seemingly everyone.

In this matter I’m taking the coward’s way out, I’m still undecided. Certainly I can see the benefits, the two miniatures I’ve bought thus far have had no discernable flaws and I’ve always hated assembling metal models. Nevertheless I’m going to shy away from the cost aspect since this I feel transcends simply a debate about quality, however one can’t ignore the many complaints from the community regarding the high number of unacceptable miscasts. Today I happened across this article on the Blood of Kittens site which I feel is worth looking at. While this only gives one gamer’s perspective I feel that we can all relate to his frustration.

So where does this leave us? I really don’t know, whether we like it or not, metal prices and the increase in computer-aided design mean that the era of metal minis is drawing to an end. Will GW improve Finecast? Of course it will, but probably over time so don’t anyone hold their breath. Will other companies learn from GW’s errors? I sincerely hope so.

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